Derma Revive, LDN

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EzyJamb EZC, SRC & ISD, RocYork Concealed Hinges, RocYork Surface Hinges, AccessDor Metal Access Panels
1-3 College Hill, London EC4R 2RA, United Kingdom

Derma Revive, LDN

A Grand Design in Central London

The baroque exterior of 1-3 College Hill contrasts the lovingly modern interior design. The Derma Revive Skin Clinic within exhibits the eloquence of modern architecture in its contemporary openings and finishings. A burst of colour welcomes customers through its doors as the lobby’s matte gold features stand against a backdrop of green marble tiling. Door openings through the corridors and treatment rooms visually complement the clean line interior feel. A collection of EZ Concept systems were utilised in achieving this look whilst meeting strict commercial build phasing.

EZC001 04 PremierLaser&Skin 06 WEB

Establishing Architectural Character

The corridors are met with the unenviable task of creating an expansive and fluent space in what is a rather narrow strip. The answer to this was the elimination of the architraves and architectural details cluttering the space.

Adopting a ‘less is more’ mentality can be clearly seen in the delicacy of each doorway – effortlessly disguising themselves into their surroundings. EzyJamb framed doors create this look complete with architrave-free frames and an inconspicuous clean finish.

Such visual touch is reflected in the access panels and storage doors formed by the EzyJamb. The double-door storage cupboard – framed by an EzyJamb EZC – served as a seamless addition to the corridor and a supremely subtle home for servicing requirements. Meanwhile, plasterboard AccessDor access panels fulfil a similar purpose as they offer ceiling access whilst blending into their plasterboard surroundings.

Beauty in the details V2

Practical needs were also met as the EzyJamb frame installations support heavy-duty doors – each installed in accordance with their weight and size specific specifications. The door hinges throughout include a number of RocYork Mortice Hinges, opted for on account of their maintenance-free bearing mechanism. A series of RocYork Concealed Hinges were also installed as a further means of creating a modern design. Hidden whilst closed as they sit inside a rebate in the door, the Concealed Hinges also handily met specifications thanks to their three-axis adjustability.

EZC001 04 PremierLaser&Skin 35 WEB
EZC001 04 PremierLaser&Skin 42 WEB

The treatment room entrances are framed by a mixture of Inswing (ISD) and Single Rebate (SRC) EzyJamb frames. The Single Rebate design enables each door to sit flush against the wall, revealing only a defined frame around their perimeters. The soft visual palette of the overarching design is predicated on this feature. The Inswing frames additionally make intelligent use of space, swinging inwards upon opening so as not to obstruct the corridor. All the doors are fully finished and fire rated – meeting compliance standards without a hassle.

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The EzyJamb Classic Adjust (EZC) and Inswing Door (ISD) systems used at the Derma Revive Skin Clinic are available through the QuickShip range. Available for dispatch within just 48 hours, this was important in the realization of the project’s architectural vision in a timely manner. Being able to deliver on short lead times contributed to the arranging of an orderly construction process.
Clean Lines
Modern Designs

The Derma Revive Skin Clinic illustrates the curated suitability of EZ Concept systems in commercial environments both in terms of functionality and design. Meeting all timing needs and compliance requirements made for a successful commercial build for all functional purposes both short-term and long-term. The visual identity of the interior is inspired with uniquely subtle door openings in all areas. Altogether creating a beautifully realized commercial space, the clinic highlights what minimalist detailing can do to entirely transform an interior design.

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