Simple and Long-lasting Solutions to Ceiling Pelmets and Recesses

Simple and Long-lasting Solutions to Ceiling Pelmets and Recesses

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The beauty of minimalist interior design lies in its simplicity. Minimalism can be defined as design which has been rid of all frills and contains only the absolute essential elements.

‘Less is more’ is the founding principle of minimalist interior design. The idea here is not to completely shun ornamentation but to remove superfluous elements and ensure that every element such as joinery, handles, etc that go into the design improve the design.

Working with a minimalistic style involves creating a relationship between the building and the surrounding environment. Big windows and open floor plans thus become trademarks of the minimalist interior design style.

To create this connection with the outside world it is imperative that we remove any distractions and features that hinder the minimalistic appeal. A common favourite for this approach is to use ceiling recesses to hide drop-down curtains, projector screens and lights. A standout feature of many modern designs, the traditional ‘pelmet’ construction used in these applications comes with a variety of restrictions and complications.

Because recessed pelmets are traditionally made from MDF and plasterboard, they require a lengthy install process, additional fixings and construction requirements, extra finishing considerations when it comes to plastering and painting and can quickly reveal cracks in the finish once the building settles.

Employing a ZF100 Zincanneal coated steel, architects and designers can open new possibilities to ceiling and wall recesses. Providing the same finish and look as traditional soffit box style recesses; Steel pelmet and recess systems allow wider design flexibility, easier installation and a resilient finish that doesn’t crack, warp or undulate over time.

These systems are simple to install and allow for curtains, lighting and other hidden elements to be fixed to them providing a sophisticated hidden appearance. Suitable for use in Commercial, Residential and hospitality applications using cold rolled formed steel elements can strengthen the minimalist approach to your design.

Another part of the Studco EZ Concept® range of architectural finishing, the EZY Pelmet® provides a simple solution for abutting recessed pelmets up to windows on the outer walls of the most discerning interior environments.

Studco® pride itself on being a solutions partner to the interior construction industry. Specialising in cold roll-formed steel products, Studco lead the way in innovative steel framing, sound isolation, and premium interior finishings. Providing custom options to suit any project, Studco work alongside their New Zealand Distribution Partners; Forman Building Systems to provide efficient ways to achieve complicated and dynamic interior designs.

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