New Alubase Shadowline Aluminium Skirting

New Alubase Shadowline Aluminium Skirting

Studco is pleased to announce the arrival of Alubase® Shadowline aluminium skirting board profile, an architectural shadowline profile for modern interiors that boasts completely concealed fixing and a clean line flush finish.

In the past, shadowline skirting boards have been created using a variety of steel, aluminium and metal sections, leading to complicated installation and occasionally cracking of the finished wall. The one-piece Alubase® Shadowline profile is the new solution to this common problem.

Alubase Shadowline is at home in any modern commercial or domestic space and provides a distinctive 10 x 10mm shadowline recess above a 90mm skirt to the floor line. Alubase Shadowline is designed and approved for use in conjunction with the EzyJamb® flush finish door jamb system, perfectly complimenting the clean line finish of EzyJamb and EZ Concept® products.

Joiner tabs are provided to accurately aligned straight joins and corner intersections of Alubase Shadowline 3.6 metre sections.

Key Features:

  • One-piece profile manufactured from high-quality aluminium
  • Different profiles available to suit 10mm and 13mm plasterboard
  • Concealed fixing system
  • Crisp 10 x 10mm shadowline recess
  • Perforated bead from trowelled finish
  • Excellent resilience to wear and impact
  • Supplied in natural anodised finish

Case Studies

Clayfield House, QLD
BSM Building
Project Used
EzyJamb SRC, SlideSet, EzyReveal, EzyPelmet, AluBase, RocYork
Light House Tower, VIC
Project Used
EzyJamb SRC, RocYork Concealed Hinges, AluBase


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