Made in Britain licencing for EZ Concept

Made in Britain licencing for EZ Concept

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EZ Concept have been accredited the licencing to use the official Made in Britain mark across a number of its architectural systems.

The Made in Britain certification is a natural progression in recognising the importance of being a domestic manufacturer proudly serving the British architectural and construction industries. Studco’s dedicated workforce in the country has played an important role in reaching this landmark. Not content to just be a part of the British building landscape; Studco takes great pride in being a forward-thinking organisation, proactive in shaping the future of the nation’s architectural landscape. This is a significant stepping stone in defining Studco’s future and a proud moment when looking back at the company’s arrival in the UK:

Studco’s story began in 1986 in Melbourne, Australia where a reputation for the finest building materials was earned over an extended period. Operations expanded to the UK in 2011 carrying the same ethos of domestic manufacturing and high-quality products. In the 12 years following, Warwickshire’s Rugby has proven to be a great home to Studco in the United Kingdom. Support of the British workforce here is important to Studco as it grows in the region.  Accreditation as a Made in Britain licensee is a positive statement for the future relationship between Studco and the British market. In many ways, it is a consolidation of the dedicated support to British manufacturing and the delivery of very high standards that Studco holds for itself and that the UK market demands.

Made in Britain. What does it mean?

The Made in Britain mark is an aid to easily identify Britain made goods. Its partnered companies and their products represent domestic workforce support and a symbol of British craftsmanship. Accreditation as a Made in Britain licensee accounts for the manufacture, packaging and distribution of goods.

MiB Logo Panel Colour

How this Relates to Studco

Studco remains respectful and proud to be part of the British culture. It is this culture and the communities within it that form the foundation for what Studco is. All operations in the UK are underpinned by this ideal.

Relationships built across the UK that have been integral in Studco’s growth here. It is such relationships that have made – and continue to make – Britain a bedrock of Studco’s ongoing development.

Looking Forward

From here on, relevant products will be proudly labelled with the Made in Britain logo. This is a keystone in Studco’s ongoing relationship with the UK market and groundwork to build upon in the future.

Case Studies

Voco Hotel, Edinburgh
Project Used
EzyRiser Custom Riser Doors
Johnnie Walker Experience, Edinburgh
Contractor: BAM Constructions
Project Used
EzyJamb Single Rebate (SRC), EzyRiser Custom Riser Doors
The Kings Library, LDN
Project Used
EzyRiser, EzyJamb EZC


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