Hide the elephant in the room with EzyRiser doors

Hide the elephant in the room with EzyRiser doors

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Picture a modern, architecturally designed interior space, with sophisticated furniture, abundant natural lighting, minimalistic clean lines… and an ugly access panel in the wall, interrupting the harmonious flow of the room. That’s where EzyRiser comes in.

Riser doors hide the necessary functions of a space that we don’t wish to show our guests; often used to provide entry to storage areas, crawl spaces, or service cupboards in walls and ceilings. But just because it’s a vital element of construction, doesn’t mean this riser door needs to be the eyesore of the room.

AccessDor hidden access panel
Hidden access panel in apartment

Custom Flush Riser Doors

EzyRiser® cleverly conceals the appearance of the riser door by creating a flush finish to the drywall and eliminating the need for trims and architraves around the door. The frame is suited to your needs with custom sizing, panelling options (single or double) and a selection of acoustic ratings and jambs (single piece or split jamb).

  • Leaves just 3mm between the door and the wall.
  • Sits level with the wall to blend in seamlessly.
  • Made-to-order for your sizing requirements.
  • A series of latch options to pair with the panel.

A Look for all applications

For a lush modern home, the minimalist appeal of the EzyRiser fits in flawlessly. The versatility of the system spans much further with residential spaces of varying scales such as apartments, along with commercial spaces the likes of luxury store fronts. See it in action:

Hidden access panel in living room
Hidden access panel in apartment
Hidden access panel in store

Standard Access Panels

The EZ Concept® range of riser doors also includes a range of fire rated options and various latch choices to suit your security requirements, including screwdriver cam latch, key operated cam latch or touch latch.

Screwdriver Cam Latch
Key Operated Cam Latch
Touch Latch

A riser door is not a desirable aesthetic feature of interior design, so hide it from the centre of attention with EzyRiser. Find more information about this product in the EZ Concept Specification Brochure.

Contact the EZ Concept team on 020 3488 9655 to find the best EzyRiser solution for your project.

Case Studies

The Kings Library, LDN
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EzyRiser, EzyJamb EZC


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