Is Exposed Hardware Obstructing Your Interior Design?

Is Exposed Hardware Obstructing Your Interior Design?

Bringing the modern aesthetic to an interior space requires minimalist detailing in all architectural openings and finishings. Hard lines and protruding cabinets can break an otherwise seamless interior space. Whether it be messy wiring or noticeable power-points, hardware is best kept out-of-sight.

Key Points:
  • Both flush finish EzyRiser® and standard access panel AccessDor® options are available.
  • The Flush Finish EzyRiser comes standard with adjustable concealed hinges and flush fitting tape flange.
  • Standard Access Panels are designed to suit various installation purposes.
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This is easily achieved with the EzyRiser® Concealed Riser Door System by EZ Concept®. Eliminating architraves around an inset service cupboard ensures the riser door is hidden along the wall or ceiling. Available as both a Flush Finish solution for timber doors and as a Standard access panel for metal doors; take a look into these options.

Flush Finish Riser Doors

The Flush Finish EzyRiser® comes standard with adjustable concealed hinges and flush fitting tape flange that allows the riser door to finish in line with the wall. This leaves just a 3mm reveal between the door and wall – inconspicuous in the wider visual of the room.

This comes with an option for a timber leaf doorset – perfect for a modern interior. This is primed to be painted to suit the wall or ceiling. Paired with RocYork® Concealed Hinges, no element of the panel protrudes from the wall whatsoever.

Standard Access Panels

Also available is a selection of metal riser door options to choose from. Offered with either a picture frame or beaded frame; this access panel is designed to suit various installation purposes. Depending on your requirements – a range of Acoustic, Fire and Airtight rating options are available (learn more in the Riser Door Brochure). The metal door can also be swapped out for a plasterboard door or tile access panel to achieve the finish that best suits the room.

Specified to your Sizing Needs

AccessDor® Riser Doors come in standard sizes or can be custom made to your specifications. Double riser door configurations are also available. The riser door frame can be up 932mm wide (1,854mm for double doors) and up to 2450mm high. The EZ Concept team is available to specify the AccessDor to your needs.

Easily Installed

Installation of the AccessDor® is very easy; its design allows the jambs to simply wrap the plasterboard ends to form a frame for the riser door to be fitted into. On top of this, the riser door is pre-coated and ready to be painted in with the whole wall area to fully conceal any fixing. For further information on this, refer to the AccessDor® Installation Instructions.

Wall application of the metal AccessDor® panel with a key lock.

Secure and Fire Tested

AccessDor® concealed riser doors are available with a range of access options including a budget lock, a deadbolt, and a simple touch latch depending on your security needs. AccessDor can also be prepared with hardware options such as a T-Strike, ASA Strike or Deadbolt Strike.

Manufactured to the highest standards, EZ Concept’s range of riser doors are available with a fire rating of 60 minutes with a timber door, or 120 minutes with a steel doorset. Our rigorous testing with independent certification and testing agencies, Exova and IFC to BS476 Part 22 provides an assurance and comply with the increasingly demanding fire regulations in the UK.

Reshape Aesthetic Fluidity

Accentuating the key features of a room requires the elimination of periphery features. Hiding unwanted hardware can entirely reshape the visual landscape of a room. Both the Flush Finish and Standard AccessDor profiles offer uninterrupted clean lines around internal doors for the ultimate square-set interior.

Hide the appearance of riser doors by specifying AccessDor for in next project. Learn more with the Riser Door Brochure or get in contact with the EZ Concept team today at or 020 3488 9655.

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