Find Your Niche with FastCap

Find Your Niche with FastCap

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A World of Design Possibility

The FastCap® is an easy medium for creating wall and ceiling niches in a variety of spaces and for a variety of purposes. Used as a visual centrepiece – the FastCap can expertly form a niche to shelve décor in the living room. Used as a subtle architectural note – the recession formed by the FastCap can quietly hide hardware such as power outlets and lighting. This is only the beginning as the system is made-to-order and is, therefore, able to fulfil a wide range of installations.

An Architectural Advantage

The architectural advantages the system offers encompass a number of proven usages. Creating stunning architectural designs as well as hiding unwanted visual features. Take a look through popular installations:

FastCap Shower Niche Installation

Shower Niche

A wall rebate created to form an inset shelf in the shower. The rebate has been specified to the length of the shower wall and been waterproofed to withstand the wet conditions of the space. The aesthetic finish creates a continuous connection with the wall as tiling has been installed over the rebate.

FastCap Wall Feature Niches

Living Room Décor

Three distinct wall niches created with the FastCap to meet the depth required to host ornamental vases. These features command immediate attention in this beautiful modern living room, adding another dimension to its visual appeal.

FastCap Moore Stephens Lobby

Recessed Lighting

The feature design of this modern office space is transformed by FastCap niches. Hiding lighting within these rebates minimises the architectural detail down to a modern finish.

FastCap Bedroom Wall Niche

Bedroom Shelving

Bedside décor and accessories are stylishly homed in a single recessed shelf traversing the width of the bed. This niche creates a practical and efficient use of space in the bedroom.

FastCap hardware

Hiding Hardware

A power outlet is creatively hidden inside a recessed channel to remain out of sight from around the room. Functional hardware such as this can be an eyesore to an otherwise clean design, a simple rebate is a great solution to keep hardware hidden.

Versatile in Setting

Not strictly limited to residential modernity, the FastCap system is also designed to withstand the complications and tight deadlines of commercial builds. Recessed lighting has played a key role in defining modern commercial floors for years, the notable issue with this has long been the inefficient use of time on-site  in constructing a niche profile. This is resolved by delivery of the FastCap to precise width and depth specifications.

Irrespective of the build type, the process of creating rebates is quicker and easier with FastCap. The single-piece capping design is made for ease of installation whilst no maintenance is required over time as the steel composition is made-to-last. Trade expenditure is also minimised in line with the overarching project being delivered in a shorter time span.

FastCap Lighting Fixture
Inset lighting fixtured created with FastCap steel rebates.
FastCap Light Fixture Car Dealership
The FastCap utilised to form the recessed ceiling light fixtures at a car dealership.

Complementary Accessories and an Experienced Team

In many instances a design will call for closing off of rebates, as such, capping pieces and accessories are needed to do so. All relevant pieces can be ordered together with EZ Concept for end-to-end rebate construction. EZ Concept have the accessories to fulfil both common and unusual installations.

The EZ Concept team is knowledgeable in specifying architectural systems to precise details and are always serving to simplify the design and build process. Additional information is offered through a host of installation resources and product brochures.

The FastCap is a proven system in projects greatly varying in design and scale. Experience the EZ Concept difference for yourself. Contact the team on 020 3488 9655 or

FastCap Lighting Installation
This recessed lighting fixture sits inside a FastCap rebate – the end is closed off with a capping piece matching the size and depth of the rebate for a continuous finish.

Case Studies

Voco Hotel, Edinburgh
Project Used
EzyRiser Custom Riser Doors
Johnnie Walker Experience, Edinburgh
Contractor: BAM Constructions
Project Used
EzyJamb Single Rebate (SRC), EzyRiser Custom Riser Doors
The Kings Library, LDN
Project Used
EzyRiser, EzyJamb EZC


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