EzyJamb – A clean, architrave-free solution for healthcare facilities

EzyJamb – A clean, architrave-free solution for healthcare facilities

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The use of antimicrobial building materials is key when constructing healthcare facilities that require a high level of sanitation. For hospitals, aged care, clean rooms, or laboratories, safety is a priority and these facilities benefit from easy-to-clean materials that possess antimicrobial properties to help stop the spread of infections, harmful bacteria, mold, mildew, or fungus.

EzyJamb® is an architrave-free door jamb system from EZ Concept®, made from galvanized steel that serves as an antimicrobial surface to inhibit the growth of bacteria. EzyJamb caps the plasterboard around the door penetration and does not require traditional wood architraves around the door frame, which can be a breeding place for germs to spread.

Image: EzyJamb Single Rebate – SRC Profile

As a single piece jamb, with minimal surface angles, the EzyJamb Single Rebate – SRC door jamb system provides a more hygienic option, over traditional header casing on wood or hollow metal frames, and can also be used in conjunction with antimicrobial doors and hardware, for a complete hygiene solution in healthcare spaces.

EzyJamb door jamb systems have been used in hospitals across Australia. Email sales@ezconcept.com.uk for more information about using EzyJamb in healthcare facilities.

Image: Emberstone Homes

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The Kings Library, LDN
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EzyRiser, EzyJamb EZC


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