EzyJamb Double Rebate (DRC) Door Jamb

EzyJamb Double Rebate (DRC) Door Jamb

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Providing a modern and defining feature to your project; EzyJamb conceals the door frame and creates square set interiors, as the unique frameless jamb system wraps the plasterboard during framing and blends seamlessly with the wall.

The Double Rebate  EzyJamb® – DRC allows for single or double doors to be hung in the fire-rated jamb creating a modern look for interconnecting hotel rooms. This modern approach to hotel door jambs complements discerning hotel interiors where a premium finish is required in all areas

The EzyJamb Double Rebate (DRC) door jamb:

  • Allows the door to be installed flush with the wall.
  • Wraps the plasterboard during framing to conceal fixings and incorporate the door into the wall face.
  • Made from premium quality steel.
  • Simple to install and can be painted immediately.
  • Complemented by RocYork® Hinges that are designed and tested to withstand heavy traffic flow.
  • Available in custom heights and widths.


The EzyJamb DRC architrave-free door frame is simple to install and requires no special maintenance. The system is complemented by a range of RocYork hardware to suit different applications. The completed jamb is flush finished and can be painted in with the whole wall area to fully conceal any fixings, achieving simple clean lines around the door face. The incorporation of reinforced edges overcomes the continual damage door jambs are subjected to by normal everyday use. The unique design of EzyJamb combines visual appeal, strength, and versatility.

Want further information? Please visit www.ezconcept.co.uk or contact our EZ Concept® support team on 020 3488 9655 or email us at sales@ezconcept.com.uk


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