Transform the Appearance of Your Interior Space with Flush Doors

Transform the Appearance of Your Interior Space with Flush Doors

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EZ Concept® are the innovators of the original EzyJamb® flush door jamb system. Door architraves are a permanent design feature in your home, and the appeal of flush doors lies in their simplicity and versatility. The seamless look of EzyJamb means that the frame is made to compliment any interior, from the most minimalist to the most extravagant, and will match your space design over the years.

EzyJamb® Classic Adjust (EZC) is a split-type door jamb manufactured from cold-rolled steel to produce a strong and secure assembly that conceals the door frame. Also distributed by Selo UK under the Arriva brand, this hidden door jamb is adjustable up to 10mm to allow for variation in the wall thickness. EzyJamb wraps around the plasterboard and is plastered in with the rest of the wall, concealing all fixings to produce a continuous high-end finish.

EzyJamb Half Revealed
EzyJamb Classic Adjust – Arriva Concealed Frame Doorset

EzyJamb is a registered trademark of Studco Building Systems UK Ltd. The patented design of the EzyJamb Classic Adjust (EZC) is manufactured by Studco in Australia, and assembled and distributed in the UK. Available for fire rated and non-fire rated applications, the unique design of EzyJamb combines visual appeal, durability, and versatility.

The EzyJamb EZC is also available as a 4-sided frame option for riser doors under the AccessDor brand. AccessDor Riser Door, distributed by Selo as the Una doorset system, conceals the appearance of access panels for a seamless modern finish.

The EzyJamb brand also includes the Single Rebate profile – EzyJamb SRC, the Inswing Door Profile – EzyJamb ISD, and for Double Rebate doors – EzyJamb DRC, which are manufactured in the UK by Studco Building Systems UK Ltd from high quality steel.

EzyJamb Single Rebate (SRC)

The premium design of EzyJamb SRC provides a smooth transition from one side of the door jamb, with a single rebate on the other. This one-piece frameless door jamb is custom made to perfectly suit your wall thickness and allows for a modern, minimalistic finish to match your interior aesthetics.

EzyJamb Inswing Door (ISD)

Achieve a seamless look in hallways and corridors with EzyJamb ISD. The ISD profile allows the door to swing open into the corresponding room and can be installed flush in line with the wall face, hiding the appearance of doors along the wall.

EzyJamb Double Rebate (DRC)

EzyJamb DRC allows for two doors to be hung in the flush door jamb creating a modern look for interconnecting hotel rooms. Available with fire rated concealed hinges, this modern approach complements hotel interiors, where a premium finish is required in all areas.

EZ Concept offers a range of flush architectural finishing systems manufactured in the UK to complement your doors and modern interiors, view our full range of products here.

For more information visit or contact the EZ Concept team on 020 3488 9655 or at

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