Create Modern Skirting With AluBase

Create Modern Skirting With AluBase

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Skirting boards are used to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor to create a decorative perimeter around the base of a room. They also serve to protect the wall from abrasion.

Skirting boards add to the beauty of your interiors and is a widely used method by designers and architects to bring an appealing visual effect to rooms.

As modern architectural spaces continue to favour minimalistic slimline designs, metal skirting boards provide more versatile capabilities than traditional skirting boards. EZ Concept’s AluBase® Shadowline Skirting Board (shadow gap), for example, is a one-piece aluminium profile that creates a flush finish at the base of architectural interior walls.

Why use metal skirting boards?

Aluminium skirting boards are resistant to wear and wear and impact, especially in high traffic areas that are often knocked or bumped.

What skirting board options do EZ Concept offer?

The AluBase shadowline (shadow gap) profile is used to provide that unique shadow gap line around the base perimeter of a wall. Straight and corner joining pieces are available for accurately aligning linear joints, internal and external corners. The anodized surface of the skirting can be left as an accent feature or is ready to paint.

Installing AluBase

Installing Alubase is quick and simple, you don’t need to use a custom shadow gap/shadowline detail and all fixings are completely concealed, saving on labour.

AluBase is available to suit 10mm and 13mm plasterboard.

Why Choose EZ Concept?

As the trusted supplier of choice for metal building products for over 30 years, Studco® is the go-to manufacturer of quality skirting board solutions. Our range of EZ Concept® architectural finishing systems are designed to blend harmoniously and create modern flush finished interior designs. Don’t settle for lower quality products.

For more information please visit or contact the EZ Concept team for a quote today on 020 3488 9655.

Case Studies

Clayfield House, QLD
BSM Building
Project Used
EzyJamb SRC, SlideSet, EzyReveal, EzyPelmet, AluBase, RocYork
Light House Tower, VIC
Project Used
EzyJamb SRC, RocYork Concealed Hinges, AluBase


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